Russell Manor Bed & Breakfast

"The first impression a visitor receives upon entering Morrisburg is that he is among a community of well-to-do people. Everywhere are to be seen residences which would grace the fashionable streets of any of our cities..."
Canadian Illustrated News February 16, 1878.


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Our Policies Concerning Covid-19


Under regulations governing bed & breakfasts in the Province of Ontario, we are permitted to serve our guests at breakfast and dinner (dinners must be pre-arranged).


We have our liquor licence and are serving our famous cocktails.  We also offer charcuterie boards with wonderful Quebec cheeses.  Must be pre-ordered.


We will be offering light fare on our patios and outdoor seating areas.  Overnight guests will have exclusive access to one of our patios for the duration of their stay.  No one but the registered guest and our staff will be permitted into one of these areas.  Registered guests will also be given an indoor dining area for breakfast, separate from other paying guests.


If you don't want to travel too far from home, give us a call and let us help you plan your getaway.  Come with friends or family and have the well-deserved getaway you've been looking forward to this summer.  Bring your friends and family and have exclusive use of the Manor during your stay.


Dinners must be pre-arranged, with a minimum of 5 days' notice.  We offer fine dining some Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  For other days of the week, if there is sufficient demand, we will offer dinners.